18 Months is Really Fun.

Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 8.44.11 AMRose is already 18 months old. It is crazy how fast time goes. Having an 18 month old is hard a lot of the time. She’s learning how to communicate (and still isn’t great at it), figuring out how to get attention when she wants it, making tons and tons of messes, and becoming a little girl. I’m sure it’s hard on her too. Despite all of the frustration and meltdowns, she is SO MUCH FUN. Her personality is hilarious and I love watching her be who she is every day. She has Ryan’s sense of humor for sure (praise the Lord), she’s curious about everything and refuses to ignore something new or interesting (it makes everyday tasks take super long), she’s babbling constantly and always telling us something she thinks is amazing but we can’t understand, trying to dress herself with no success so far, undressing herself successfully a lot of the time (usually in public), cuddling all the time and giving the BEST hugs and kisses, her memory is so good…almost too good, she notices every single thing that we do, she understands what we are saying most of the time, and she is the sweetest and most fun person to spend my days with. I’m so thankful to be her mom and to watch her turn into a kid. Oh, and she also has the greatest laugh in the world.


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