Feerer Family Update

Image  This week Rose and I did some baking. Nothing fancy…just biscuits and muffins. This girl LOVES the kitchen and anything in it. Normally, I’d just give her a bowl of water and let her “mix it up” and copy whatever I’m doing, but she’s getting smarter and realizing that what she has in her bowl isn’t as fun as what I have in mine. It gets messy, but oh well!

Image  Last weekend we bought a blowup pool for the backyard. It’s big enough for Ryan and I to sit in with Rose and play…and it even has little built-in seats for us. So far, Rose has a blast walking around in the water, but isn’t too crazy about sitting in it or getting her face wet.

Image  When we weren’t in the pool, we were doing something else outside. Lately the only thing to keep Rose from fussing is taking her outside. I love the bottom left picture…it’s a really good shot of her baby mullet.

Image  This morning we took her to feed the ducks at a little lake/pond. I knew she’d like it, but it was even better than I expected. When we ran out of bread she threw a pretty good fit, but then she saw a few swings at a park in the distance and cheered up pretty quickly. Crazy girl.


3 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. You’re brave for letting rose play with flour in the kitchen. I love her yellow swimsuit…I wish they made it in an adult size!
    Her baby mullet is the best!

  2. I also love the baby mullet. She is so outdoorsy. Sinclair needs to come swim in y’alls pool asap!!

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