Anntilley 2 months


I can’t believe my new little baby is 2 months old. She still feels so new. Compared to Ross, I feel like I hardly know her but I am her biggest fan. I feel like shakira on The Voice. She is always telling the singers what a fan she is. That show is seriously taking over my life. I also like Ready For Love. It was coming on TV Tuesday nights but was so horrible that now it is only shown online.

Anntilley is a jewel. She is a very sweet baby. Very laid back, for the most part. The doc said the she is a little lazy. She just kind of has a whatever attitude. She’s so precious.

She only poops about once per week…and when she does…it’s crazy. It’s everywhere. I won’t share a picture.

She eats whenever she wants. During the day about 2-4 hours and since she became two months old, she sleeps one 5 hour stretch during the night. It’s so awesome. She is a quick eater. Ross nursed for ONE hour each time…which was totally the fault of the nipple shield and myself. This time around, I feed on demand and suffered two and a half weeks of toe curling pain and avoided the shield.

Weight: 12 lb 14 oz (83%)
Hight: 23 inches (71%)
Head circumference: 40 cm (90%)

She’s getting cradle cap in her eyebrows!


Big brother Ross.


She has finally started taking a paci. She only takes it during the day and it is a lifesaver.



At the doctor



She sucked her thumb once.


She’s not smiling much but you can see a twinkle in her eyes when she is happy. I’m kind of obsessed with her.


5 responses to “Anntilley 2 months

  1. Add me to the list of people obsessed with Annetilly. Also, Ross looks like he’s ready to join a fraternity. Where is that baby boy?

  2. Holy baby leg rolls!!! She is so stinking adorable!! Lanny I really like all the cute outfit you’ve been dressing her in….and I like when her shirt rolls up showing her tummy……and I like her hair……and I like her 2 month stats. She’s a doll!!!

  3. Tilley is a precious angel and so is her sweet brother. And so is her mom. And her dad.

    She’s beautiful!!!

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