Seriously the longest post ever

At the end of April my parents and sister and her family came to colorado! I had been anticipating this time with them and couldn’t wait for them to come. It was kind of crazy with four kids running around but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Ross and Micah got along great. Ross just followed her around and copied her.


He wasn’t as sweet to Cooper and tried to boss him around. I’m sure next time we see them, Ross and Cooper will be best friends.

We went to the children’s museum…it’s seriously the best.




We went hiking.


We played outside.



Ross got a haircut…and a sucker.


We went to the mountains.




And we all flew on an airplane…ross threw a fit because he didn’t want to wear his seatbelt…and i just wanted to cry right along with him.


We had so much fun in Abilene visiting family and friends.

Ross and his second cousin, Kam. They are only a few weeks apart and were really cute playing together.


Anntilley and her future husband, Copeland.


My mom had back surgery while we were there…bless her heart.

Don’t worry…Ross and anntilley did not sleep in the same bed. But aren’t they sweet cuddling together.


We stayed the night at MawMaw and Grandy’s house.


We flew back home. Flying with two should be a blog post on its own. I hope to never do it again.

We have been spending a lot of time outside finishing our garden and grilling. It is perfect weather.


Ross wore big boy undies for about 30 minutes without having an accident.


We thought Ross broke his arm….after 6 doctors and four X-rays, we finally concluded that it was just a bad elbow sprain. He looked really cute in his cast though and kept saying things like: arm brote (broke), and oh no, Ross one hand.


He seriously can go from being my most favorite joy in life to…the opposite. Not really the opposite…but not so enjoyable. He is so sweet and funny and I just love talking to him. It’s so sweet the things he says. He is very affectionate and kind but temperamental and sometimes overly sensitive.

He is 27 months old…sometimes I forget that he has to be taught to be kind and polite…and not tell his doctor no while giving her the hand. He is so sweet to Tilley. It is adorable. He loves to kiss, he says tiss, her and brag about her to strangers. He calls her baby doll sometimes too.

She has put on a little weight…so has her mom.


The other day he ran into the kitchen and said, ” Baby sister smile Ross big!” It was adorable to see him so excited about his sister.

She has started smiling…but very rarely.


I have become obsessed with hummus. A friend taught me how to make it and I can seriously eat a whole batch in one setting. Jeff thinks it’s gross….the hummus and that I eat so much of it.


3 responses to “Seriously the longest post ever

  1. Hahaha you are seriously so hilarious. And I think you are the bravest person I know with all of the things you do with your kids without your husband. Y’all should come over sometime and we can eat all the hummus we can while our husbands talk about how gross we are.

  2. I agree with Rachel. You are awesome to raise two kids and do so many fun things with them while Jeff is working out of town. I don’t think I’d survive. Tilley (is it ok to call her that?) is SO cute and chubby!

  3. Hahahaha I love all of these pictures!!!!! And, i love that Tilley is so chubby!! It’s that bmilk of yours….perfect for her ….so she just holds on to every last ounce:) Please come visit again soon!!!

    And Poor Ross and that elbow!! Hope he’s feeling better!

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