20 Weeks.


As of last Thursday, I am halfway through this pregnancy. At our sonogram last week they told us that every thing is perfect and that HE is growing and developing just as he should be! We found out early on that it was a boy, but they confirmed it at this last appointment and we are so excited.  So far, this time has been pretty different than when I was pregnant with Rose.

For example, we had her name picked out before we knew she was a girl. I think we had her name before I was even pregnant, actually. This time we are still debating. We thought we had decided on one, but Ryan changed his mind. Ugh. Also, I haven’t read a single book or checked baby center at all, and last time I had my nose buried in as many books and websites as I could get my hands on. With Rose, I had major food aversions for the majority of the 9 months I carried her…this time, it’s the opposite. I hate it. I want to eat all the time, and I want to eat chocolate mostly. And cheetos. With her, I felt her fluttering around at 15 weeks, and I seriously think she moved constantly for the rest of the pregnancy. I knew she’d be a handful before she was born.  With him, I felt him for the first time at about 17 weeks, and so far I only feel him at night. He’s definitely not as active as she was, and I’m hoping that means he will be laid back and give me a little break sometimes. The aches, pains, fatigue, and stomach issues have been way more intense this time, too. I try not to dwell on those things though…in a few months they’ll go away (I hope) and I’ll have a sweet little boy in my arms. I’m sure with that will come a whole new set of aches, pains, fatigue, and possible stomach issues (more issues in the way it looks that the way it feels, I I assume), but it’s worth it, right?!?! Totally worth it.

This post is mostly for my own memory. I’m terrible about writing things down on paper, so this is my way of keeping record of what is going on. Of course, I hope it’s not miserably boring for others to read, but if it is I’m sorry. Also, if you have any awesome boy name ideas I’d love to hear them! We could use a little help.


4 responses to “20 Weeks.

  1. Cassie!!!!!!! I’m tearing up! You will love love having a boy. They are so fun and love their mama’s so much! I can’t believe it! I’m so happy for y’all! Rose will be such a sweet big sister. Yay!!!

  2. I still can’t believe you’re having a boy!! This is so exciting! How about Finn or Fritz Feerer?

    • I love the name Finn! It’s on our original list, but Ryan doesn’t like any of those anymore. He’s being a little bit difficult.

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