Your Kid Is Gonna Love Me.

Poor Sinclair has never tried ice cream. Don’t feel too bad for her, though, because let’s be real- she doesn’t even know what she’s missing out on. I love ice cream and definitely know how yummy it is but I really shouldn’t eat it everyday or anything.

Pintrest and my friend Taylor have been telling me about one (or two) ingredient ice cream for a while, and I finally decided to try it. It’s super good. Seriously. It tastes like creamy ice cream without the cream. It’s totally good for you ice cream. How is that even a possible sentence?

Step 1: Cut up a banana. I also cut up a few strawberries. Freeze them at least 2 hours. I let them freeze overnight!


Step 2: Throw the frozen fruit in a food processor and let it do its job.


Step 3: Transfer the ice cream to a bowl and enjoy!! It is seriously so good. I hope y’all like it. Tell your children they owe me a hug next time they see me!!



5 responses to “Your Kid Is Gonna Love Me.

  1. Ryan and I have been obsessed with this “ice cream” for a while now…it is amazing. I’ve never tried it with strawberries, though! Great idea. Have you tried it with almond butter? Or a tablespoon of almond butter?? OMG. If you haven’t, do it now.

  2. Do you think it would be old with peanut butter? Does it really taste like ice cream? I tried to make healthy brownies the other day and was horrified.

    • I don’t think it would be old…..but very good. It seriously does taste like ice cream…..amazing. I’m very leery of healthy things pretending to be the not healthy version…..but this totally is. Try it!!

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