A Growing Sinclair.

Obviously, your kids grow every single day. Duh.


But this particular age (13.5 months) is just so fun because I am really starting to see her personality and mind changing tons!! She is so funny and smart and so fun to be around.



I’ve got quite the collection of videos of all of the things she’s been learning lately…..enjoy!!

If music is playing and we tell Sinclair to ‘dance, dance’- she starts bouncing up and down. It’s awesome.

Sinclair loves blowing kisses (even to strangers) and she has recently started working out.

Sinclair is also a very lovely singer.

I’ve been waiting a long time for her to start knowing her body parts. She’s got a few down, now.

Here, she is doing some light reading.

And, Sinclair is walking. She hasn’t fully taken off yet, but is getting more brave every single day. A little too brave, as she often face plants.

4 responses to “A Growing Sinclair.

  1. What a big girl! The face plants don’t stop anytime soon. I can’t wait to get the kids together so they can point out each other’s body parts. Ok, that sounds weird. And she is going to be a beautiful singer like her mama!

  2. Mere! I just love her! And i really need to know how you made that head band…can you do a diy post?

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