Rose has been saying a few words for a while now. She said her first word at about 8 or 9 months (I’d have to check the baby book to be sure), and she’s slowly (very slowly) added new words to her vocabulary since then. I was beginning to get a little concerned that she hadn’t seemed to pick up any new ones in a while, and was even considering discussing it with her pediatrician. I’m a first time mom. I worry about silly things. Mostly, I just wanted her to say “mama” and was sad that every baby I know has been saying it for months and months and months, and I was convinced she had some sort of speech problem that was preventing it.

Good news, though! She’s just super stubborn. All of the sudden, about a week ago she started saying all kinds of new things and she’s using them in the right context and everything. I guess something just clicked in that little brain of hers and she decided it was time. It has been so much fun to watch her learn and repeat things, and then get really excited when she can say it. Her new words are:

1. “hop, hop, hop!”- she says this when she sees bunnies or kangaroos. Yesterday she had some bunny crackers with lunch and said “hop hop hop” every time she picked one up. Adorable.

2. “oops” (sounds like “oothssss”…she’s got a pretty good lisp)- she drops things on purpose just so she can say it. Probably because that lisp makes me laugh every time, and when I laugh, she laughs.

3. “cheese” (sounds like “cheethsss)- As soon as I pick up my phone, she says it. She knows when it’s picture time.

4. “ouch” (sounds like “ach”)

5. “tickle tickle tickle”- Her little fingers wiggle around on our arms or legs all day and she says “tickle tickly tickle” and giggles before running away. It’s cute until she is laying in her crib for 30 minutes tickling her knee and WILL NOT go to sleep. Actually, it’s cute then too…but it’s not when we’ve got places to be and nap time really needs to happen soon!

6. “baby”- this one isn’t new, but she says it ALL THE TIME now. She points to my belly and says it, points to her belly and says it, and freaks out when we see babies in public.

7. animal noises. Puppy and horse noises happened a long time ago, but now she’s added cows, zebras (who knows what zebras really sounds like??), sheep, and rabbits (just sniffing…cause they move their noses, I guess?).

8. And last, but definitely not least…she is finally saying “mama”!!!!! I cried the first time I heard it. Here is a little video of her saying it…and if you listen closely, you can hear her say “cheese” at the beginning too!


3 responses to “Words

  1. YAY Rose!!! Such a smartie. I can’t wait until her and Sinclair can call each other on the phone.

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