Feerer Family Update

ImageImage  Last weekend, we went to a really awesome petting zoo! The animals were exotic (a kangaroo, a zebra, camels, etc.)  and Rose loved them. She was brave and even fed that huge deer thing (it’s not a deer, but it sort of looks like one). Now she’s been trying to feed every animal she sees…including the toy animals in her bedroom. I find little bits of her snacks laying all around the house, and there is always at least one or two little animals laying next to them. It’s pretty cute.

Image Remember the rice box?? We took it outside and it was much easier to manage. It kept her busy for an hour, and then I noticed a few mosquitoes hovering around her so I decided to call it quits. Anything that keeps her focused for that long is amazing though. Seriously.

Image We tried finger painting with actual finger paints (instead of the greek yogurt paints we used to use). It didn’t go well. She hates getting her hands dirty, so the second she realized that the paint stayed on her fingers she was done. I really hope this is just a phase because there are so many messy things I think she’d love if she could just get past the dirty hands.

Image We also went to the park. There were 12 rocks in her pocket when we got home. I was able to get rid of most of them, but there are still 3 sitting on our dining room table, and she checks to make sure they’re still there every time she passes it. She is so funny.


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