Weaning and a Miracle.

Image  Exactly one month ago I began the process of weaning Rose. Her pediatrician suggested that I wean her by my fourth month of pregnancy so that she might forget her nursing days before the new baby comes in October. He said this may help with jealousy issues and ease her into being the big sister a little more gently. I gave myself a month because I knew it wouldn’t be an easy process at all…and I was right.

I slowly cut out one feeding at a time. Rose is a creature of habit (she gets that from me), and knows her routine. When it was time to nurse, she came to me and sat in my lap. I looked at her and said “Baby, we aren’t going to have any milk right now because you’re a big girl.” We both cried immediately. I said the exact same thing for the next three days and it eventually got a little better. Cutting out the the rest of the daytime feedings was much easier, there were still tears but not nearly as many.

When the time came to stop nursing at night when she woke up (I know. That should have stopped a long time ago.), I knew it would be awful. There were many nights of crying for hours (her mosly, but I cried some too) and me trying my very hardest to comfort her in any way possible. I offered water in a sippy cup, but she wasn’t interested. Actually she got even more irate when I offered water. It took about a week and she realized she wasn’t getting milk at night. After months and months (and months) of waking up every hour and a half at night, she started only waking up twice. It was awesome. I was happy with this. I knew it wasn’t perfect, but it was still great for her. Then something miraculous happened. Three nights ago, she didn’t wake up at all. I woke up in shock. The next night she didn’t wake up at all. Again, I was shocked. And last night, she didn’t wake up at all. I know things could change and she may regress a little, but at least I know it’s possible! God is good.

I’m now down to one feeding right before she goes to bed. According to my weaning schedule, I was supposed to drop that one on Sunday night. Now I’m wrestling with the idea of continuing to nurse that one time and just let her wean when she’s ready. I honestly have no idea what to do.  I’ve spent so much time praying about what to do and I don’t know what would be best. Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also, sorry this post is so long.

7 responses to “Weaning and a Miracle.

  1. I weaned Violet slowly too, and she had a hard time dropping that last bedtime feeding too. I just let her nurse at that time for as long as she wanted to. After about 3 weeks, my milk supply was nearly non-existent, but she didn’t care! It took 3 months for her to lose interest. It was great though, because there were no tears, no “last time” mommy blues, no guilt. I never knew when the last time would be, I just enjoyed each night, remembering how she is only a baby for a short time.

    • That is helpful info, Molly! Thanks! I’m pretty sure Rose isn’t getting much at all, but she seems to be fine with that. I’m sure the little milk she is getting will probably dry out soon because of the pregnancy, so we’ll see how long we can keep going!

  2. I pretty much compare everything that happens with Davis to Rose because they’ve had the exact same sleeping patterns! I’ve been waiting and praying for the day that this would happen for Rose. Maybe now I can hope a little that our time will come too. You are the best mom I know and my hero.

  3. Praise God, Jehovah, Elohim, King of Kings, The Rock, Lion and Lamb, Prince of Peace!!!!! OMG!!! I’m praying that she keeps it up and that you get lots of rest:) I agree that you are a fantastic mommy….you have made some great sacrifices for Rose! She is so blessed to call you Mommy.

  4. Cassie– I agree with the other girls! You are such a good mom and I am so happy Rose us sleeping better for you! I personally believe that it’s prob ok to keep nursing her before bed for a little while longer. She’s only a baby once, right? But I also can see how upsetting it might be for her to associate no more bmilk with a new sibling…so I don’t know what the perfect answer is. You should ask Landra–she’s a breastfeeding expert.

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