Anntilley, Tilley, Sister, Baby

Our girl is one month today. She is such a doll and sometimes I accidentally call her princess. We really don’t know what to call her. I usually call her sister, Ross calls her baby or Tilley, and Jeff isn’t consistent with what he calls her.


She is a sleepy slow eater and I feel like I spend my whole life nursing. At night, she makes the most awful noises. She grunts, strains, and squeals. It is driving me crazy. I took her to the doctor to make sure everything was alright and they said that this behavior is normal. I was sad to learn that she already weighs over nine pounds. This is all happening too fast!

When she turned four weeks old, we decided to finally give her a bath. I was dreading this because the first time we gave Ross a bath he freaked out. She loved the bath but hated getting out. We should probably bathe her more often, but like I’ve said before, it’s so cold here and getting out of the bath really makes you wish you never took one in the first place.


Ross is still being so sweet to her. He doesn’t seem to care when I hold her but when Jeff holds her he does everything in his power to get Jeff’s attention. This includes roaring really loud, jumping off the couch, “bamming” or hitting Jeff, and running as fast as he can around the house screaming. He is a precious angel, though. He repeats everything we say. It’s so cute. Today we were at Target, and to every person we passed, Ross would say, sorry person, sorry man, or sorry woman. He is so funny, too. I just am always laughing. I love this time in his life. I love all the things he is learning…he remembers so much.

It’s been snowing a lot, so we have been stuck inside and a couple of times have gone to friends’ houses.


We have had such fun the last couple weeks. We went to this awesome kite festival. It was a beautiful day so we just camped out at the park and watched the kites and tried to fly ours.


And yesterday, we went to a Rockies game. This was more of a challenge but really fun.


It has been kind of hard getting both kids out and takes so long for us all to get ready. It seems like once we are ready to leave, it’s time for me to feed anntilley. I know it will get easier the more we go places.


These days are going by so fast!


4 responses to “Anntilley, Tilley, Sister, Baby

  1. She’s already a month old!!!! I should have realized that because Sinclair is 13 months old today. Awesome.

    She is so cute. Sinclair made the most awful grunting noises at night. We thought something was wrong with her, too. She grew out of it…and until she did, we called her a dinosaur.

    I am very impressed that you have even gotten out of the house at all. I didn’t leave for like 2 months.

    Miss y’all!!!!

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