The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

This week was awesome!!! Copeland Grant Biggs was born on Sunday evening!! He is so small and adorable. He literally sleeps all day long….doesn’t even make a peep. How is it that I’ve already forgotten what Sinclair was like as a newborn?? Anyway, we were up at the hospital some and have been out to Han and Ben’s a few times. We just can’t get enough of him.

baby2 baby3 baby4 baby5 baby6

Amanda and I attempted to take some newborn pics of the little lamb. Taking pictures of babies is not easy. At all. He may have peed down Hannah’s leg at one point. Here is a little sneak peek…

Newborn (10 of 24)

In other news, Sinclair got a new chair from her great Nana with birthday money!! SHE LOVES IT!!! It is so soft and comfy. She loves to sit in it and have me read to her. She also likes to stand in it. Sinclair also got a new big girl carseat. Stop growing!!!



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