Johnson update

I had a baby. She is so sweet and pretty. These are things I want to remember about the last 3 weeks. They are like a blur.



-on Tuesday the 19th, I was very sentimental about my family of three changing. I rocked Ross to sleep for his nap and cried. I knew things were about to change and that I wouldn’t be able to spend as much time rocking him to sleep when there was a new baby around. We went on a family date and had decent Mexican food.

-my parents came to colorado on Wednesday the 20th. I went to my midwife that day and she stripped my membranes. I thought that this would be super painful but it wasn’t bad.

-I really needed to have the baby because my parents couldn’t stay forever. I was starting to feel full of energy and really thought that the baby might stay inside forever.

-Thursday my dad and Jeff went skiing and my mom and I took Ross to story time and Costco. I went on a really fast paced walk up and down our street and moved my arms back and forth really fast. Then my mom and I got pedicures. We sat in the massage chairs for about 45 minutes.

-Thursday night we watched an episode of The Bible.

-contractions started between 9 and 9:30. I downloaded a contraction app. When My parents went to bed, I told Jeff that I had been having contractions. He didn’t believe me. I was really excited when we went to bed because I knew that the baby was coming.

-the contractions woke me up at 2am. I woke up Jeff about 3:00. I took a bath around 3:30. I thought my water had broke around 3:45…not gushed, just a leak. We woke up my mom and left for the hospital around 4. We got there at 4:45.

-a crazy lady checked us in and despite the number of times Jeff told her that our last name was Johnson, she kept typing Johnsan into the computer. I was getting so annoyed. She was also the lady that when my mom went into the hallway to get the nurse because I felt as if I was needing to have a BM, she said that it was fine, that I should just sit on the toilet. It’s a good thing that we knew better or Anntilley may have been born in the toilet.

-I held it together during the contractions but lost my mind when pushing. My poor mom. I don’t think she’ll ever see me the same again. It was an out of body experience and, at the time, I swore I would never do it again.

-my water really broke while pushing. It was as loud as a balloon popping. I thought I was done.

-I literally called on Jesus several times while pushing.

-the chord was wrapped around her neck twice.

-When she came out, I wasn’t too surprised that she was a she. It took her a while to scream.

-I couldn’t believe how tiny she was even though she weighed the same as Ross.

-I loved my birthing experience. I loved feeling in control. The hospital was great to let me do whatever I wanted. I wasn’t attached to anything, I took a bath, and I delivered her on my knees.

-Ross was such a sweet doll at the hospital. He kept saying baby and kissing her. He automatically became my big boy and not my baby. It’s been kind of sad. He is like a giant to me now. I’m astonished by the size of his head.

-there was a snow storm on the Saturday that we left the hospital.


-my parents stayed until Easter Sunday. They were such a huge help.


-Anntilley is such a sweet baby. Ross is the sweetest big brother. He calls he Tilley or sister or baby and has to kiss her every five minutes. Sometimes he whispers that he loves her. My heart feels full.


-Anntilley hasn’t figured out that night time is for sleeping…she’s a little confused.


-I had my placenta encapsulated. Don’t think I’m crazy. In Denver, this isn’t too abnormal. There are a lot of benefits .


-on Anntilley’s 1 week birthday we went to our favorite little mountain town, Idaho Springs. It’s not the cutest mountain town, but the closest…and it’s pretty cute. And they have a really good pizza place.


She is three weeks today and I can’t even believe it. She has already changed so much. New life is so sweet and such a miracle.


6 responses to “Johnson update

  1. 1. I’m so proud of you for pushing that baby out all natural and stuff!
    2. She is so pretty and awesome and sweet. I got tears reading about her. I really want to meet her asap!!
    3. Ross is such a doll and will always be your baby, Lanny!
    4. Please tell me more about this placenta encapsulation.
    5. MISS YOU!!!

  2. Landra!!! I can’t even tell you how happy it made me to read this. You are amazing. I am also so proud of you and I would like to hear every detail of your birthing experience sometime. It sounds like an awesome hospital. I’m also so proud of Ross for adjusting so well and being such a great big brother. Your little family is precious. And little Annetilley is beautiful.

  3. Anntilley is a precious little angel (just like her big bro) and I love seeing her beautiful face! Those first pictures look professional!! She is so pretty and really is such a miracle. Good job Lan (and Jeff,) I am so proud of and happy for you.

  4. I have been waiting for this blog update! SO happy for you guys. I seriously had tears in my eyes while reading this. I’m so proud of Ross for being a good big brother!! Anntilley is beautiful, and I love the picture of Ross holding her hand in the car. Melts my heart!! Love you all and can’t wait to meet her one day.

  5. Awww this made me tear up also! So happy for you Landra. Anntilley is so beautiful!!! Olivia and I can’t wait to meet her some day. =)

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