Image  As Meredith told you yesterday, we took the girls to a cute little farm outside of town a couple of days ago. While we were there, the farmer lady told us all about chickens, eggs, and how great it is to have your own. I had mentioned to Ryan several times that it would be cool to have a few chickens in our backyard (because of this, this, a few scary documentaries, and friends talking about how great it is), but he never seemed that into the idea…until Miss May (the farmer lady) convinced him. The next day he came home from work and told me he’d like to “just go look at them, but not buy any”. We looked, and those little chicken eyes and soft feathers wouldn’t let us leave without them. We are now the proud owners of five baby chicks. Here are four of them:

Image So sweet, right? I didn’t really see the point in naming them, but Ryan wanted to…meet Stout, Barley (both names chosen by Ryan), Mable (named by me), Coco (named by our friend, Jihad), and Ticka (named by Rose…that’s how she says chicken). Rose loves them and wants to share everything she eats with them. She also wants me to hold one ALL THE TIME. I’m so glad she has some pets that she’ll learn from, and that she really likes to play with. It will be really fun to watch them grow together and also to find new egg recipes! Please share if you have any!!

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