Feerer Family Update

Image  We started out the week celebrating Easter! It was a rough morning, as you can see, but it got much better. We went to church and Rose stayed awake the entire time (that’s only happened one other time in her life). I guess she knew it was an important day.


After church, we went to my Aunt Toddi’s house and ate a delicious lunch and had an egg hunt. I assumed Rose would have no idea what to do during the hunt, but she surprised me and caught on immediately. She was so slow though. Before she’d put an egg in her basket, she had to open it and check out the goodies inside. I think she collected way less than anyone else, but she was happy!

ImageImage  A few hours after the egg hunt and Easter excitement wore off, Rose started puking. It was horrible and really gross…and so, so sad. Why does this virus keep getting us????? I HATE IT. She was sick for a few days, and the weather was cold and rainy for the most part…it was no fun. I saw this idea and thought it was perfect for us this week. Rose isn’t used to bubble baths, and didn’t like it too much at first. She eventually thought it was fun and loved playing with the new “bath toys” (aka kitchen utensils). Her favorite part seemed to be when I let her walk around naked with the towel for a few minutes after the bath. She’d been so miserable before, but she was laughing and smiling and it was such a relief to see her happy. I was shocked when she actually laid still and let me massage her little body with lotion for a few minutes. It was really sweet. Next time she’s sick (which hopefully is a VERY LONG TIME from now), we are definitely doing this.


3 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. Hahahahah that first picture is so pitiful!!! She looked beautiful in her Easter dress!!! I’ve always wondered about baby massage…..couldn’t imagine Sinclair sitting still long enough. Good to know for when they are sickly:(

  2. Rose is so beautiful in her pretty Easter dress!! I love how kids love to be naked and running around :)

  3. Hahahaha oh my gosh! That first picture is hilarious and so sad. She is so sweet in her little dress looking at that egg! This virus needs to TAKE A HIKE. Dan’s family is passing it around now too and Davis is trying to recover. Ridiculous.

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