Feerer Family Update

In the past couple of weeks, we…

ImageImage  pulled as many green clothes out of our closets as we could and went to a St. Patrick’s Day cookout! It was fun, and the food was really good. Ryan and Knox (his brother-in-law) wore matching shorts. Aren’t they cute?

Image  We also took advantage of the awesome spring weather we’ve been having and played outside every chance that we got. I think I’ve said this before, but I have never loved spring as much as I do this year.

Image  Sinclair turned one, so we drove to Dallas to celebrate with her at the cutest party I’ve ever been to. Seriously. It was precious, and again, the food was really good. I hope Meredith posts some more pictures of the party on here so everyone else can share in the cuteness (hint hint, Mere).

Image  Our sweet Daisy passed away last weekend, so we’ve done some adjusting and mourning. She really was the easiest, most laid-back dog. We miss her a lot, and I still catch myself thinking “Oh, I need to let Daisy out!” or “Uh oh, I forgot to feed Daisy.” Just look at that melty face…how could we not miss it?

Image  And then we played outside some more.

I hope you all have a wonderful, and very blessed Easter weekend.

3 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. Hahaha….those pictures of the babies in those cut outs make me laugh out loud every time. Rose is so cute in all of her little outfits and looks so grown up. And we miss sweet, stinky Daisy too!

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