FAO Schwarz

ImageOn one of the days that we were in New York, it was raining (pouring, actually) all day long. I was not about to try and keep Rose entertained in the hotel room for an entire day, so my mom suggested that I take her to the most wonderful place on Earth…FAO Schwarz. It was the best idea and I am so thankful she thought of it!

ImageFrom the minute we walked in, Rose was in love. This little bear was the first thing she saw, and it got tons of hugs and kisses, and a few really loud laughs. I eventually had to pry it out of her arms and guide her to the other toys…which also got plenty of hugs, kisses, and laughs. It was pretty adorable.

ImageImageShe also LOVED the little keychain toys and puppets. The puppies were her favorite. We even had a little audience standing around listening to her bark as loudly as she could. I nearly cried from laughing so hard. Normally, she’s a pretty shy kid, but those puppies brought out the performer in her. Again, it was adorable.

ImageImageImage  Of course, we had to take some time to walk on the giant piano. Ryan was able to sneak away from his students and join us for this part (unfortunately he only had time to watch and snap a few photos of us…he didn’t get to join in on the fun). I thought she’d love this, but she was more confused than anything.

ImageWe couldn’t leave without stocking up on some candy (well, I couldn’t leave without candy). I didn’t let Rose eat any of it, but I did let her scoop it into cute little bags for me. She had tons of fun doing that and had no idea how great it tasted.

I didn’t have high expectations for that day (mostly because of the weather), but it turned out to be one of the most fun experiences we had on our trip. It was awesome.


2 responses to “FAO Schwarz

  1. What a great idea!!!! Rose and Sinclair look alike in the second pic of her on the piano. Did you buy any toys there?

  2. HAHAHA she does look confused on that piano. Hilarious. And I love how loud she is all of a sudden. She’s always been so quiet and shy in public and now she yells. And those mint pants on her are adorable.

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