Birthmas Eve.

Dear Sinclair-

Sweet girl, I just rocked you to sleep on the night before you turn one. As I was rocking and singing ‘Come Thou Fount’ (because that is your favorite song and what you seem to always want sung to you when you are falling asleep), my mind drifted to what I was feeling exactly one year ago tonight.
Your daddy and I went to Vickery Park for mac n cheese before I had to start my induction fast. We came home and tried to watch a movie, but were just too anxious. Mommy had a hard time sleeping, partly because you were so big and ready to bust out of me and mainly because I was so excited to meet you. I couldn’t wait to see what you would look like, how you would act, and what you would become. In my wildest of dreams, though, I could have, in no way, prepared myself for how amazing you are.
You entered the world (16 hours and a c-section later) and immediately changed me. You changed your daddy, too.  We haven’t done everything perfectly by any means, but even on the hardest of days being parents, we are so thankful that God trusted us to be your Mommy and Daddy (imperfect as we are). We’ve spent this year watching you change and grow and learn and- low and behold- were changing and growing and learning, too. You have helped start to change the selfish pulls of our hearts to hearts that want to love and sacrifice for you. You have helped us grow closer to God- dependent on Him for wisdom and strength. You have helped us learn how love- better and fuller.
And, man oh man, do we love you.
We love your silly little snaggle toothed smile. We love your big open mouthed kisses. We love your chubby little fingers that point at everything. We love your deep, sweet voice. We love your laugh.
You, sweet one, are such a gift.
sinclair 3

3 responses to “Birthmas Eve.

  1. Mere this is so sweet and so perfectly written. It’s exactly how I feel right now about this baby and Ross. They are such sweet gifts. Thanks for sharing.

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