Johnson update

Denver has had two snow storms since I last updated.
We all learned how to snow shovel.



Ross got a haircut and a sucker.


13/14 eggs I cracked had double yolk. The odds of this happening one time are a million to one. I think someone should give me a million dollars.


Ross turned two. He had a few sweet friends over for cupcakes, smoothies, and mayhem.


List of sweet things Ross does at two…

-if he really really wants something, he will put the word blue in front of whatever he wants. Like…blue apple, blue outside.

-if a baby is involved in any situation, human or animal, Ross talks about the baby in a really high pitched voice

-he loves his daddy, his daddy’s truck, and playing “outsine” with his daddy.

-favorite foods…apples, mac and cheese, blue berries, smoothies (sueme), crackers, peanut butter, eggs, snow, pasta.

-favorite toys…any type of vehicle or ball

-favorite animals…lions, fish, giraffes, horsies

-he goes to bed between 7:15 and 8:00, wakes between 6-7, and naps 1.5-3 hours in afternoon.

– he loves to read the bible and sleep with it. He isn’t allowed to do this anymore because he tore the pages out of it.

-34.5 inches tall, 30 lbs, and 20 in head circumference

He really is so sweet and funny.

He went to the doctor and stared at her.


He can’t wait to have a new baby at his house.




4 responses to “Johnson update

  1. How did you get 13 double yolks?!?!? That is crazy. Ross is hilarious, and it’s so sweet that he wants to sleep with the bible. Also, you still look so good! It’s almost baby time!!!!

  2. Ross is so cute…..I love his haircut!!! Also, you look so great. Hurry up, baby! I need to find out if you’re a girl!!

  3. Love this all. I can’t believe Ross is 2 :( He is such a doll! And yes, I’m ready to know if you have a girl in there!!!

  4. The double yolks probably mean you’re having twins. Or, if we want to be less dramatic, they’re a representation of the two children you will soon have. Either way, it’s significant.

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