When we first brought a little sister home for West, it took a while for him to adjust. He really didn’t know what he was supposed to do with a little baby so he tested out some boundaries by biting her, laying on top of her, trying to pick her up, etc. It was very stressful and worrisome for me. 20ish months later, I am happy to report that he finally figured out what do do with his sister…be her best friend.


These two may have gotten off to a ROUGH start but they are so in love now and watching or hearing them play and laugh together is the absolute best. They understand one another and communicate better with each other than anyone else. They like to snuggle at night and have sleepovers in West’s bed.


They like to give hugs and kisses all day long.


Any excuse to snuggle is good enough for them…especially movie time. They bond over Buzz Light Year and pretend like West is Buzz on a daily basis.


The older Charlie gets the more she tries to copy every single thing she sees West do. She is growing up so much faster than he did because she wants to keep up with her big bro.




When one of them gets hurt, the other rushes over to help me comfort the injured. When one of them is in trouble, the other sits beside him/her on the naughty step until time out is over. If one wants a snack, the other wants a snack. When they go to church or a play place, West protects Charlie and reports to me how she did. They are amazing and I hope they will be best friends forever…forever.

7 responses to “bff’s

  1. OMG they are so sweet. I can’t wait for this new baby to join the mix…..they’re gonna have a blast!

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