sick 1


Our poor little girly is a bit sick. It sucks and I’m so annoyed. I have tried to keep her from every single possible germ out there, and that seems to have backfired. She’s been tested for strep, the flu, an ear infection, and a urinary tract infection (not cool). After all those tests, it seems she just has a killer virus. Viruses are especially evil because they can stick around forever and you can’t really treat with any medication. I’m not an anti medication gal. I love medicine. Not like I like to overdose or anything, but if I can feel better faster- I’m there. Judge me if you want :) Anyway, we’ll be over here fighting this dang thing. Prayers are appreciated. Being sick is such a drag.



4 responses to “Sickly.

  1. I’m so sorry she’s still sick, Mere! Sick babies are the saddest little things in the world. I’ll be saying lots of prayers.

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