The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

Sinclair loves animals. She wants to read books about animals all day long.  She points at every bird she sees. It’s really cute. She will sometimes make the lion roaring sound, but she will ALWAYS meow like a kitty cat. It’s really cute.

Since she loves animals, we decided to take a trip to Petland. They didn’t have any kitty cats for her to look at, but she loved the puppies, parakeets, hamsters (ewww), and bunnies. Tyler and I aren’t really pet people as you can see below. Tyler was scared to pick up the bunny for Sinclair to pet.


We had a pretty fun weekend. Our friend, Britt, got married so Tyler’s parents came in town to watch Sinclair while we went to the wedding!! It was the first night I haven’t put her to sleep in 11 months and 1 day!! We had a great time!


Sinclair’s cousin West gave her this teddy bear before she was born. He named it Brown Bear and he recorded a little message that plays from Brown Bear’s hand. It’s so cute and Sinclair loves this bear. She will give it kisses all day!

And, here we have Sinclair and daddy looking very serious.


3 responses to “The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

  1. Mere! You look like a beauty queen at the wedding and all the time. Sinclair looks huge in the picture of her and Tyler! And beautiful.

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