Make Ahead Breakfast.

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and some Fridays, Sinclair and I meet a fun group of mommys and babies at a park or the mall for a great workout! By the time I get Sinclair up, changed, dressed, myself dressed, read a few books, and get Sinclair some breakfast- it is time to go. There is nothing worse than working out on a completely empty stomach. Since I have been TRYING to eat somewhat clean, I thought I probably should steer clear from grabbing a pop tart or donut on those moments (though now I really want a pop tart). So, I scoured Pintrest for some quick make ahead breakfasts and found these yummy muffin tin eggs!! They were pretty easy to make, taste great, are healthy, and are pretty quick to prepare on those mornings.

First, I buttered (light butter) the muffin tin really well. I read one blog that said butter was best for no sticking, but I’m sure you could spray. I then put baby spinach, a tiny bit of cheese, and red peppers in each muffin spot. You can obviously put anything you want.



Then I whisked 6 eggs and about 6 eggs worth of egg whites. I added salt and pepper.


Pour the eggs into the muffin tins (about 3/4 the way up) and pop them in the oven for about 20 min on 350 degrees.


egg4Make sure they are not gooey, duh, and BAM- you’ve got breakfast for the week. I have to add a little salt, but overall they are pretty tasty.


Anyone else have any yummy make ahead breakfast ideas for when I get tired of these??


5 responses to “Make Ahead Breakfast.

  1. Great idea!! Can you freeze these little gems? If so, how would you go about doing it? Freeze each individually with plastic wrap? Also, how long do you warm them up for? Thanks mere!

    • totally. one lady mentioned that she puts the egg cups in an english muffin and wraps them in foil to freeze. So, i’m sure if you just freeze the eggs, you could do it in plastic wrap! I heat mine up about 1 min.

  2. Yum!! This looks like something Ryan would like too. I’ll definitely have to try them. I have a recipe for make ahead oatmeal cups that are so good. I’ll send you the recipe!

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