Bigg Happenings.

Around here, the biggest happenings as of late were:  Charlie quit using a paci and moved into a big girl bed.  Both of these things happened in one week.  Looking back, I am glad its all over with so quickly, but it was rough, and I recommend making one big change at a time!


It took about 2 weeks for her to stop asking for her beloved “BoBo,” and she is still getting used to her new bed. I think the crib to bed transition was especially hard because she could no longer use her BoBo to soothe herself to sleep. Getting her to fall asleep is starting to become a little easier.  We either have to lay with her and sing, “You Are My Sunshine,” about 1000 times or let her go to bed in her brother’s bed and then move her after a few hours.  West hates when we do this, because every morning when he wakes up, (at 6:45am) I hear him frantically searching for his sister.  He’ll say, ” Charlie, where are you!?!?” And almost be in tears when I go in and tell him we had to move her into her own bed. He really loves his sister and wants her to share a room with him.



I hope they always want to snuggle together.

They are best friends and it is the sweetest.

They are best friends and it is the sweetest.

The worst day of the big girl bed transition was Valentine’s.  For some reason, Charlie decided she was NOT going to take a nap on Valentine’s day. I literally spent 4 HOURS trying to get her to sleep. (Normally, I would give up much sooner but I felt like she was testing me, and not was not about to let her win.  Also, we were supposed to go out for a family V-day date that night and I knew she was going to be wayyyy too exhausted for that…which she was.)  During this 4 hours of misery, she got quiet twice: once to pull all of her wipes out of the box and smear a whole tub of Vaseline on her outfit and the floor, and once to sneak into her closet and pull all of her clothes onto the ground.


After the no-nap fiasco, we made sugar cookies. Charlie’s mood really changed when we got the mixer out!

These are the best cookies in the world and ended up being the only good part of our Valentine’s.


In other Bigg news, Charlie and I flew to Nebraska for Kimber’s baby shower a few weeks ago. It was a good trip full of fun, family, and friends. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of us in Nebraska because I lost them all when I dropped my phone in some water while we were there. We had a great time.  Charlie loved seeing her Grammy and PaPa and celebrating baby girl Virus! Kimber is the cutest preggo ever and her shower was awesome!  Tressie and Dex surprised her and came to the shower too!!

Charlie absolutely loves airplanes and was very good on all 4 of the ones we rode.  Thank goodness for the iPad’s photo booth, it entertained us both while we flew and provided us with these meaningful photographs which so wonderfully capture some of the most important moments of our first mother-daughter vacation.




3 responses to “Bigg Happenings.

  1. I need that recipe. I need to live with y’all so I can have cookie dough. The pic of Charlie pulling her clothes off the shelf is really sad. Is that cute pic of the two of them together outside at a soccer game?

  2. It really is seriously so sweet how much they love each other. Also, Charlie saying ‘cookie dough’ in that video is hilarious!! She is very verbal….like me. She needs to come spend the night with Aunt Mere and Cousin Sinclair…but maybe after she’s done going through this phase:)

  3. “KiKi-Doe!” Charlie is so cute! =) I cherish the childhood pics of me and my brother hugging or snuggling together so take lots of them- we only have a couple and I always wish there were more! Sorry your phone fell in water here =( did you have to get a whole new one? Miss y’all already but I love reading your posts and seeing the funny pictures and videos!

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