We finally have a walker!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Rose took her first steps about a week before she turned one…that was three months ago. She got up to about four or five steps at a time, and then decided she wasn’t interested. We were confused and I was a bit worried, but she’s slowly built up the courage to try it again. And then, all of the sudden, she just started walking around the house like she owns the place. All it took was a pack of frozen veggie patties and some confidence. This video was taken several days ago (the night she took off), and since then she’s only crawled (or scooted) a couple of times. I’m so proud of her. Also, I’m really excited that she can wear dresses and skirts now! Walking is awesome.

*Please try your very hardest not to look at me in this video. Remember that stomach bug I told you about last week? Well, I was still in recovery and it’s hard to look even a little bit decent when that is going on.


7 responses to “We finally have a walker!

  1. She is such a big girl! I especially love for her to walk to ME disguising a huge hug for a chance to grab fistfuls of my hair. I sure love that little girl!

  2. Oh my goodness! She is do big and beautiful and talented! Yay Rose!!! (Ps–I am sending you a pic of myself in my pjs tomorrow night. I guarantee it will boost your self esteem. )

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