Feerer Family Update


This week, Rose went to Chuck E. Cheese for the first (and hopefully last) time. She loved it. She ate a ton of pizza and then rode every single ride at least 3 times. I was over-stimulated when we left.

Then a few days later we all took turns having a nasty stomach virus. It was awful. We probably picked up the germs from Chuck E. Cheese. Reason #2 that I won’t be going back there.


Even though I was feeling pretty gross, Ryan made Valentine’s Day good. He prepared my favorite foods (that I wasn’t really able to eat), got me a beautiful flower, and gave me the greatest gift of all…shopping money for our trip to NYC next month. He also made several trips to the grocery store for soup, fizzy water, and other things that he thought would help me feel normal.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.

ImageRose has recently decided that she is not the least bit interested in having her picture taken. It makes me sad, but what can I do??? She’s a busy, busy girl. I was happy to snap this one decent photo of her in her Valentine’s outfit.


2 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. I’m so sorry y’all got the bug too! I hope you didn’t get it from me. Davis thinks he’s too busy for pictures too. Most of them have at least one body part that ends up blurry. She looks so pretty in her Valentine outfit!

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