Feerer Family Update

ImageThis week we played outside a lot. Look at that picture…bare legs and feet. In February!!! Crazy. ImageRose has loved picking up pecans in our yard for a while now, but this week she discovered acorns when we went for a walk downtown. She had so much fun collecting them. When her hands got full, she’d hand them to me and then pick up more. She was pretty mad at me when she figured out that I wasn’t keeping the handfuls that she gave me. Poor kid.

ImageThis little girl is 100% capable of walking anywhere on her own, but she still prefers to hold my hand. Part of me wants her to be brave and courageous and take off running on her own, but the other part of me (that is maybe a little bit bigger) loves that she needs my hand to make her feel safe.

ImageI bought a silly little baby-sized cup for Rose to drink smoothies out of (it looks huge in this picture, but I promise it’s extra small). Every morning it’s a battle for me to get as much of mine down before she notices, and now our problem is solved! Thank you, Old Navy, for selling tiny cups for babies to drink fruit and hidden vegetables out of.

ImageLincoln, Rose’s cousin, is in town from Memphis while his parents are in London. They mostly just stare at each other. We are so happy to see him though! It doesn’t happen often enough.


4 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. She looks like such a toddler in these pics! Makes me so sad. And I love the picture of her holding her hand out. So sweet!

  2. She does look so big, Cassie! What happened?!?! Cherish those times she holds your hand…maybe she’ll always want to hold hands with you!

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