The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

Sinclair is officially mobile. She was a bit of a late crawler….but is totally on the move now. She started sort of crawling about three weeks ago, but is now getting everywhere.  She wants to stand constantly which then leads to falling constantly. She’s a tough one, though. What a doll.


She loves to play with my make-up which is totally fine because Lord knows I’m not wearing it.

cutie2She continues to love to look at pictures of herself.

cutie3Sinclair has also been on an emotional roller coaster lately. One minute she whining and spitting food at me and the next minute she’s laughing and cuddling with me. I’m hoping this is just that Wonder Week 46 thing and that her moods will be leveling out soon.

cutie6The other night we went on a evening trip to Target (our favorite place) where Sinclair tried on big girl bows while wearing her boy pajamas.

cutie1The next day, while still wearing her boy pajamas well past noon, she played outside and tried to eat tons of leaves.



3 responses to “The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

  1. I’m so proud of her for crawling!!! And I’m also so impressed with her hair. That last picture makes me jealous of how thick and pretty it is.

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