The Crib.

Image Yesterday, I finally started putting Rose down for naps in her crib. I know. It’s about time. I’ve been dreading it because I thought it would be days and days of torture and short naps and cranky baby tantrums, but I was so wrong. Until now, she was napping in our dark and very quiet bedroom because I assumed it was the only place she could/would sleep. I won’t lie and say it was easy to get her to fall asleep in there, but once she was out she was out for a while. Now, we are on day two of sleeping in the crib and she went down without a fight and is sleeping great. And just look how happy she is waking up in her very own room. My girl is growing up.



Image This last one is my favorite…she loves her fox.


3 responses to “The Crib.

  1. Oh my, those are some sweet pictures! And yay for Rose making the transition so seamlessly =). That’s one great girl you’ve got there.

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