Johnson long update

Lots of important things happened in January.

I left Ross over night for the first time. It was fine…I wanted to cry when Jeff and Ross left me at the airport but I didn’t…mainly because I was mad at the line situation and the cutters…and because I accidentally left my drivers license with Jeff…so I got to say goodbye to them twice.

I went to Dallas for my adorable nephews first bday party. My sister is such a good mom and planned the cutest mustache party. I wish I had more pictures because it really was so cute.


I also got to see some friends but don’t have a pic of that. Oops.

While I was in Dallas, Jeff and Ross had a boys weekend…they did really fun things like eat at Cracker Barrel.


We went to the Estes Park winter festival and ate a lot of chili and macaroni and cheese. Ross went on his first pony ride and kept screaming, “neigh!” He also got to pet this really beautiful llama.


It snowed.



I gave Ross a haircut…bad idea…then decided to give my self a haircut…worse idea. I didn’t wet my hair..I just kind of parted it down the middle, grabbed one side, cut what I thought to be about two inches, and then did the same to the other side. I should have looked at Pinterest. I can’t even describe how I cut Ross’ hair.



We went to the orchestra.



I shaved my legs for the first time since September. It’s really cold here.
I’m having a baby next month…and freaking out.


I got a rocking chair that reclines and swivels.
While at the zoo, this goose got dangerously close to us and almost bit my finger as I was offering it some pbj. Ross was obviously unhappy.


Ross is getting his k-9 teeth…maybe he will have a full smile by the time he is two.
Ross turns two this month. I might have an emotional breakdown.
I’m reading Shepherding a Child’s Heart and am loving it. It may be a book I actually finish.

We copied the Biggs fam and got a bike trailer on Craigslist. Jeff keeps tricking me into riding the bike while he runs. He will say things like, “The playground is not that far. A mile round trip.” He is lying. We do have a really awesome trail by our house that leads to lots of lakes and playgrounds…none of which are only a mile away.


Jeff likes to wear socks with sandals. See above.

The end.


4 responses to “Johnson long update

  1. I love all of this! You look beautiful and I can’t wait for baby #2!!! Also, I totally got distracted by the guy’s head in the background of Ross’s pony picture…

  2. Hahaha I love that Jeff wears socks with sandals and that you wear Ugg boots. Y’all are so cool. I can’t wait to see this baby and find out it she’s a girl??!!! Ross is so cultured at the orchestra:)

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