Feerer Family Update

Image It was a pretty slow week around here. Rose has been feeling sick off and on so we’ve hung out around the house more than usual. Davis came over to play though…his parents came too, but we all just sat around and watched them be cute.

Image We played with rice again. Yes those are Christmas jammies, and yes that is a Christmas blanket she’s sitting on. I promise this was just a few days ago, though. We really love Christmas stuff, even if it was nearly two months ago. Also, doesn’t her sick little face look so sweet in that first picture?

ImageImage One of the days that she was feeling a little better, we went to the zoo and to the park. It was the most fun we’ve ever had at the zoo. She got so excited to see the animals (especially the birds?) and would point and yell at them. I loved watching her.

Image My brother came into town for a few days and we got to spend tons of time with him. It was so nice. Normally when he’s here, he’s rushing around to get visiting time in with everyone, but this time was so relaxed and fun. Rose is starting to warm up to him a little more. Last night she even leaned over and kissed him without anyone asking her to. It was pretty adorable.

One response to “Feerer Family Update

  1. Her sick face is way too cute! I’m glad Rose is warming up to everyone buuuut I’m going to pretend like it’s only me.

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