The Cutest Little iPad Apps.

Sinclair loves to read/look at books. Since she was very little, I have read her Sandra Boyton books often. They are so colorful and clever (even though she does not get the humor yet, obviously). But, if you’ve got to read the same book over and over again for years and years, they might as well be funny, right? Now, if you are one of those moms that doesn’t want your baby/kid to ever even see an iPad or know they exist, you can stop reading. More power to you, but this blog entry is not about books. Anyway, I stumbled upon the Sandra Boyton book apps for the iPad or iPhone recently and just have to share. They are freaking adorable. WE LOVE THEM!!!


As you can see, they are a bit pricey. I only started out buying “The Going to Bed Book” because we read that every night before bed. It was so cute, though, that I had to buy more. I didn’t buy the “Blue Hat, Green Hat” because that is my…I mean OUR least favorite of her books. I’m on a budget, people. And, I also know that I need to handle those updates……so annoying.

“The Going to Bed Book” app is seriously so cute. You can either pick the narrator to read the book for you or you can read it yourself. I like to give my voice a break and just let the guy read for us. His voice is rather soothing. Not only does he read for you, but there are interactive awesome graphics on each page. They are so fun!!


For instance, on the above page, when you turn the sink hot water handle, the entire iPad screen fogs up like a steamy bathroom. You can write words on the screen or let it get super steamy looking! It is so cute! You can also move the toothbrushes to brush all of those animal’s teeth. Adorable.


And, on this page, when you spin the moon- all of the animals start doing their exercises! That huge elephant jumps rope and that bear does push-ups! Again, adorable. So, all that to say- WE REALLY LOVE THIS APP. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes when Sinclair starts to touch the screen, I pull it away because I am enjoying it so much.

That only happens every once in a while, I catch myself quickly, and I then continue to let her explore and learn :)

I’d also love to know what apps y’all like!


2 responses to “The Cutest Little iPad Apps.

  1. Mere…thanks so much or this post! I’ve never even thought to see if her books had apps. Ross loves the going to bed book but his favorite is blue hat green hat. He laughs out loud and says oopsie.

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