My New Favorite Breakfast.

Image I try to do smoothies for breakfast as often as possible, and this recipe is my new favorite! I had never used an actual recipe for a smoothie before. Normally, I’d just throw a bunch of fruit and maybe a few veggies into the blender/food processor and be done with it. They were always pretty good. But then I stumbled upon this gem and my life is changed forever. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but just try it. You’ll understand.

*note- the recipe calls for almond milk (which is great), but I have also used rice milk and cow’s milk and they are also delish. Also, I don’t measure the spinach…I just stuff as much as I can into the mixture and I doubt it’s four cups.


2 responses to “My New Favorite Breakfast.

  1. I love smoothies for breakfast too! Lately I have been into making mine with a banana, frozen mangoes, spinach, ground flaxseeds, and a splash of orange juice. Sooo good!

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