The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

Hey there. I missed a week of blogging, so I’ll try and catch you up.

I’ve been inspired by Pinterest and made a few things. I made some sensory bottles for Sinclair to discover with. She likes to shake them around but I wouldn’t say they are changing her life. I also made her more baby legs. The actual baby legs are expensive, so I just bought some long socks at target for $1.50, cut off the foot, and made baby legs. They are so cute. Pinterest says to sew the bottom, but I didn’t. They still work great.




Sinclair turned 10 months old last week. How is that even possible? She is learning so much and changing every single day. Her crazy and awesome personality is emerging and it’s such a joy to watch. She currently enjoys blueberries, spitting, and standing all day long (even when she should be sleeping).



Texas is so weird. It snowed one day and we were outside swinging the next. It’s very confusing.




2 responses to “The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

  1. I can’t believe she’s already 10 months old. That is just too old. She needs to slow down a little bit. And I bet her personality is going to be amazing…she has you and Tyler for parents, theres really no way around it.

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