What a Great Weekend.

ImageImage Our dearest and sweetest friends, Chris and Katy, came to visit us and meet Rose this weekend. They were our besties in NYC, and we’ve made a tradition of spending MLK weekend together since we lived there. As always, this time was fantastic. We had a double date night at Abi-Haus and Rose got to stay home with my mom. It was a treat!

Image I guess spending time eating right when they arrived set the tone for the rest of the weekend, because that’s pretty much all we did. Katy prepared some of the best meals that have ever been made in my kitchen.

Image Rose warmed up to Katy pretty quickly and even cried a little when she was leaving. It was sweet. And sad.

ImageOh…and they brought these adorable little forest creatures to keep Rose company in her bedroom. They fit in perfectly.

Good friends are such a blessing.


2 responses to “What a Great Weekend.

  1. Agreed – good friends are such a blessing! We had a really wonderful weekend. Thank you for being fantastic hosts and for saying that Rose cried when I left, even though I’m pretty sure she was crying for Ryan =). Love you guys!

  2. She may have been crying for Ryan, but that’s the thing about babies…sometimes you just aren’t sure :) Either way, she had fun with you.

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