Thanks Again, Pinterest!

ImageOnce again, it’s too cold for our bodies to be outside for more than five seconds at a time, so Pinterest saved us from a day of boredom. This time, I poured a bag of rice into a plastic storage tub and added a few toys/kitchen items. It was a hit.

ImageImage She was hesitant at first, and only put a couple of fingers in. She was also very serious and focused. I couldn’t even get her to look at me.


Image  After a few minutes, she realized she could have a lot of fun with this stuff, and then the mess began. Thank goodness I put that blanket down. Image And of course, she had to taste it. The original pin that I saw this on used beans instead of rice, but I was afraid of choking, so I opted for rice instead. So glad I did. She seemed to think it tasted pretty good, and ate more than I expected. Image She played in the rice for 40 minutes. I think it would have lasted even longer, but when a handful of rice hit me in the face, I knew it was time to stop. I was a little worried about cleanup, but it seriously took less than five minutes. I just picked up the blanket and held it over the tub so the rice could fall back in, and then swept up the few handfulls that ended up on the floor. We will absolutely be doing this many more times.

2 responses to “Thanks Again, Pinterest!

  1. HAHAHA, Cassie. That last picture kills me. I love Rose’s little personality. And I can’t believe she ate that rice….reminds me of her eating the pumpkin seeds. Crazy girl!

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