Feerer Family Update

ImageRose is teething…again. So, this mesh thing has been a life-saver this week. She’s probably consumed way too many ice cubes, but if it makes her little gums stop hurting for a few minutes, who cares?

ImageIt rained a lot this week, so we had to get creative…which means I searched Pinterest for ideas of things to do with a 13 month old who is stuck inside and bored of all of her toys. Turns out, peeling tape off of a table is a great way to pass the time! This happened a few times throughout the week, and it was a hit every time. Thank you, Pinterest.

ImageImageBecause of the rain, we had a day (or two) that we stayed in our pajamas all day and didn’t wash our faces or wear contacts. Rose was the only one photographed on these days, for obvious reasons. I don’t need days like that often, but when they happen, I’m always appreciative.

As you can probably tell, I didn’t do so well with my resolution to use my real camera more. I tried. I really did. I’m pretty bad at photography, so most of the pictures I took look like they were taken by Rose. Tressie helped me a little, and I’ll keep practicing…I’ll be a pro in no time!

One response to “Feerer Family Update

  1. Loved seeing y’all this weekend!! Rose it too cute. Also, I would like you to post more of your Pinterest findings. I find them really helpful and am very bad at Pinterest…maybe I could just follow you on Pinterest? Am I already doing that?

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