I feel like I have been very negative about living in Denver. When we were home for Christmas and someone would ask how I liked it here, I would usually say,” it is not as cool as it sounds.” I tend to lean on the negative side…on accident. Thank goodness I married someone who is overly optimistic.

Lately, mainly just today, I have been reminded about all the neat things and experiences Denver has to offer.

1. It’s so cold here that you always have an excuse not to take a shower. Because when you get out, you are cold for days. It’s a good thing that Jeff bought me these really cool underwear for Christmas. He knows me so well. The tags says, “17 countries…6 weeks…one pair of underwear.”


2. It doesn’t matter what you wear. Anything goes. I love this. Example…I wore this today. And didn’t even think twice about the hat until I saw this picture.


3. It’s okay to never wear make up. Or wash your face or brush your hair. Or shave your legs. But you should always brush your teeth.

4. Every single day, I see big mountains.

5. There is a frozen lake with hundreds of geese right by my house.

6. It doesn’t seem as complacent or as legalistic as the south…Christianity is more of a risk and more real/authentic??? I don’t mean that in a judge mental way…just that it’s not that cool to follow Jesus here. Example…one of our neighbors told me that she was glad that there was another Christian family in the neighborhood….not that great of an example but, in every other neighborhood that we’ve lived, it’s like a competition to see who can get us to go to their church.

7. Snow. Jeff made this sled for Ross.


8. There is always something neat going on downtown…today we went to this livestock parade.


9. You always have an excuse for hot chocolate.

10. The weekends are full of adventure.

In other news, Ross has a double ear infection and a virus. And maybe insomnia. He has been waking up between 2:30 and 3:00 and then every 15-30 minutes after that until its time to get up. Someone please help me. I used have pride in his sleeping habits…pride cometh before a fall.



4 responses to “Colorado

  1. Oh, Lanny! I love you. I bet Ross loved the livestock parade! Don’t feel bad for being down on Denver; I’m just now warming up (slightly) to Arkansas. The new baby will be born there and then you will think of it fondly ;)

  2. I love this post, Landra. It made me want to come visit Denver even more than I already did. Also, we used to say the exact same thing about being Christians in NYC. I think it’s harder to be religious in that sort of environment, so those who are really have to stick to what they believe and be more confident in it. I miss that.

    Poor little guy. I hope he’s better soon so you can both get some rest.

  3. Hilarious…a third of your list is an excuse for bad hygiene. I haven’t showered since yesterday morning, its been raining and I ran. I should just move there.

    get better soon Ross

  4. Love you Landra! Holly did the same thing at night when she had an ear infection! Surely that’s why he is waking up..? The doctor always told me kids feel ear pain the most at night. ..Hope he gets to sleeping again! :)

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