Rain, Rain, Go Away

Today, we were stuck inside because of the rain and beyond bored. Charlie, who is currently having an 18mo growth spurt? and getting her 2yr molars, took a 4 hour nap. West and I made SEVERAL watercolor paintings, threw stuff on the floor so he could dust-bust it all up (he loves the new dust buster,) and watched “The Brave Little Toaster” two and a half times.

West sang this song all day long and Charlie joined in with her own adorable one year-old version.


Then we met Ben for dinner at Outback because we had a gift card. Charlie liked the bread and ate almost two whole loaves. If it rains again tomorrow, we are going to to spend the day at the best (indoor) place on earth… North Park Mall.


3 responses to “Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. I love that video. Charlie girl is so smart. And West seriously is a good singer…..all those times saying he was going to be a choir boy have paid off!!!

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