Feerer Family Update

ImageWe started out the week with a dance party at our neighbors house! It was so much fun. I was one of the last to join in (I’m a bit shy when it comes to dancing in front of people), but I definitely didn’t regret it once I did.

ImageWe had dinner at Abi-Haus to celebrate New Years Eve and my dad’s birthday. Rose was only awake for about 30 minutes of it, and most of that 30 minutes was spent screaming, throwing anything we tried to entertain her with, and not eating. She did play with a lime for a few minutes and it was heaven. We learned our lesson though…don’t take a baby to a restaurant and expect her to behave when it’s just about bed time. What were we thinking?

ImageOur friends came over on New Years Day and we ended up just eating pizza and letting the babies play on the floor. I went to two different grocery stores to buy black-eyed peas, but both were closed and I gave up. I love pizza though, so I was ok with it. Hope everyone else was too!

ImageRose has been sharing a lot lately. It is really sweet, and sometimes gross. I always want her to know that I appreciate her sharing and that it is encouraged, but sometimes I gag when she takes food out of her own mouth and expects me to eat it. It’s still sweet, though.


4 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. I love how Ryan is nucking in the background of that last photo. :) I can’t wait to see how much that little Rose is going to grow up this year… its about to get crazy fun I do believe!

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