Johnson new year

I’m going out of order because I had so many Christmas pictures on my phone but had to get another phone and my pics didn’t transfer…and right at this moment, Ross is trying to manipulate me into getting him from his crib. He keeps hitting the side of the crib and then pretending to cry…like he hit his head or something.

New Year’s Eve day, we went to the children’s museum to watch the ball drop at 12 noon. While we were there, we were able to witness a child friendly rapper. His favorite lyric was, “where’s the sun, lets have some fun.”


New Year’s Eve night, we went to best buy and dinner…Ross played DDR or just dance 4…I think it’s the same??


I fell asleep as soon as we returned home…about 8:30. Poor Jeff.

New Year’s Day was so fun. We decided, since I can’t go snow skiing, that we would snowshoe. Throughout the process, I thought that I was going into labor.


The snowshoes just make it to where you don’t sink too deep into the snow. It was so fun. We went to this beautiful frozen lake…where it was 7 degrees. Ross was happy at first but as soon as we got onto the lake and his face hit the wind, he panicked.


Jeff is a true mountain man and didn’t feel the wind at all…



Don’t worry, we reflected on the past year and discussed goals for 2013 and ate black-eyed peas. I made 12 cups. We will be eating black-eyed peas all year.



3 responses to “Johnson new year

  1. Landra, you are hilarious. I laughed so many times reading this. I didn’t make any black-eyed peas, so feel free to send some my way.

  2. I love that you guys are so outdoorsy. When we come visit you’ll have to take us to your favorite outing spots. :) Love Ross and Baby J # 2 so much and I still feel really bad about Dex hitting him with a bat. He grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.

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