Pardon the blurry picture…I just couldn’t help myself.

I don’t think I’ve ever made a resolution to start the new year. Maybe because I’ve never thought of something that I’d actually follow through with, or maybe because I never wanted to? This year is different. I thought of three!

1. Take more pictures with my real camera, and less with my phone. I have a nice camera that I begged for several years ago, and now I rarely carry it with me. It’s just silly to have the ability to take beautiful pictures of my family and friends and instead use the simple little iPhone camera.

2. Stick to the Dave Ramsey cash system. Ryan and I have tried this so many times. The first time we did so well, and we loved it…then we moved to Texas, started new jobs, and got distracted. This time, it has to work. We are settled, and we definitely need to be saving rather than spending.

3. Make a cleaning schedule and try really hard to make it happen. When I first started staying home with Rose, my goal was to do certain things around the house each day in an effort to keep it from becoming cluttered and awful looking. It worked for a few months, and then I got lazy. I’ve noticed that I am a much happier person when my house is not a disaster. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but a little order is necessary for my mental health. It will be a simple schedule at first, but maybe once I get the hang of it I can make it more detailed.

There they are. I thought about making a resolution to be healthier, but I don’t see my sweet tooth going away any time soon, so I’d most likely fail at that one.

I would love to hear about everyone else’s resolutions too! Maybe you’ll inspire me to add more to my list! Happy 2013!!


4 responses to “Resolutions

  1. Good luck on those. I wanted to woo Meredith on New Year’s Eve by taking her to the hippest new spot in town, but Abi Haus was closed..I think.

    2013 for me…only smoke cloves with friends, read before bed, pull the goalie (already did this one…Mere and I are nervous/excited at even the prospect) and push ups (I have to move my pecs from under my armpits to their proper location if I really do end up playing our Lord and Savior in the church Easter pageant – totally serious, yikes)

    thanks for blogging.


  2. Nathan…you are so funny. I’m so glad you read this blog. What does pull the goalie mean?

    Cass…I should have a cleaning system also. I’m kind of inspired.

  3. Cassie, get your camera ready and I’ll do my hair tomorrow night so that the photos won’t be crap. But really, we should take more photos of you because you are so beautiful. Really we just need to shoot some family photos of you three crazies.

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