Feerer Family Update

ImageLast Friday, we headed to the panhandle to spend a little time with Ryan’s family and celebrate Christmas with them. The drive is long, but even longer with a baby who hates riding in the car. The two pictures above are the two times that she wasn’t crying. Apparently peeling stickers off of a plastic cup and taking every single wipe out of the package are fun ways to pass the time.

ImageWe took Rose to the lake for the first time! She tried as hard as she could to get out of my arms and check out the water, but her attempts were unsuccessful. Maybe next time.

ImageWe did a ton of Christmas-ing! With all the grandparents this girl has, we ended up having four separate gatherings and she got more toys than any kid should have. She is blessed, for sure. And so are we.

ImageWe woke up on Christmas morning to snow flurries! Snow turns me into an eight year old, and so does Christmas morning…you can imagine how giddy I was. Rose loved standing at any window she could find to watch it. She preferred for the doors to be open so that she could try to touch it also, but that didn’t happen much.

ImageThe holidays brought so many friends to town, and it was so awesome to see everyone. I love the top picture with all the kids (every boy is picking his nose…hahahahah!). And all those daddies are pretty great, too. Next year there will be even more cuties in the picture. Again, we are blessed.


2 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. Hahahahaha that is amazing that every boy is digging for gold. Keep that pic in a safe spot til graduation:)

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