Christmas Wishlist: Me Edition

Christmas is in exactly one week, and just in case any of you are still shopping for me, here are a few things I could use…

ImageI’ve mentioned before how much I love the blog, Smitten Kitchen, and now there’s a book! I’m pretty sure I’d spend just as much time just sitting and reading this book as I would using it to cook.

ImageFor some reason, I’m really wanting a pair of dark green pants. This pair is perfect, but a little pricey. Even though I’d try to justify wearing them every single day, I don’t think I’m willing to purchase them for myself.

ImageAren’t these bowls so cute?! Somehow tupperware dishes and any kind of food storage system seems to disappear around here. I think if I had some that I actually cared about, maybe I’d be more careful to keep up with them. It’s worth a try, right?

ImageI need a new camera bag. I rarely carry my camera with me because the bag is annoying and I don’t want to throw a nice camera into my purse unprotected. This bag is beautiful. It’s the perfect size, shape, an color. Also, it looks like a regular purse. The only problem is that it is WAY over our budget. I may have to save up for a couple of years to get this gem. Or maybe I’ll find one that looks similar and costs $300 less. Wish me luck!

The last thing I’d like for Christmas, and the one thing I want more than anything, is for my sweet little angel girl to say “Mama”. She’s been saying “Dada” and several other words for a while now, and last night she said “bye bye”. She used to say mamamamama all the time, so I know she’s capable. I may cry when it actually happens.


3 responses to “Christmas Wishlist: Me Edition

  1. Those bowls are awesome!!! Also, I bet Rose will exclaim “mama” right on Christmas morning!!! Then, I will teach her to say “Mere”.

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