The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

I didn’t’ take many pictures this week because poor baby has had a nasty cold. She’s had snot running down her face the majority of the time, so instead, I’ve got some videos for you to enjoy. These show a few of the things that Sinclair is up to these days.

First, she has learned to share. Here, she is sharing a banana puff with mommy.

Second, she has been babbling in her deep voice. We knew she was going to take after her daddy’s deep voice from infancy. She had a low pitched cry, and sure enough, has a deep babble now. It is so cute. I guess she’ll be an alto choir girl someday.

Third, Sinclair is still flapping her arms like crazy. I put some random almonds in a baby food plastic container and hot glued the lid. She could just sit and shake this thing forever. It’s like a baby shake weight.

What a sweet, silly girl.


4 responses to “The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

  1. that “kiss” she gave you after sharing is to die for! HAHAHA those flapping arms get me every time. so sad we will miss y’all next week!!!

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