Johnson tree

Our first two years of marriage, Jeff and I lived in tiny apartments and didn’t have a Christmas tree. Whoops. When we moved to Marshall, we got our first tree. We went to this darling Christmas tree farm and picked out a tree and they cut it down for us. We did the same thing the next year. During our third year of Christmas tree bliss, we lived in hot Houston. Believe it or not, there is a Christmas tree farm just outside of Houston. At this farm, you could cut your own tree down.


Arkansas had a great Christmas tree farm and I wish I had a picture. This was the first christmas for Ross boy and he had so much fun.

In Colorado, you can go to certain mountains and cut down a tree. This has definitely been the most fun. We drove to the mountains and searched and searched in the snow for the perfect tree, hoping to avoid dangerous animals. These trees are wild and aren’t raised specifically for Christmas trees. We had very few choices. Either the tree was huge, really small, or really bare. This is our final pick…


It really was so fun and I hope that we stay in colorado long enough to do it again next year. And if we do, I want to remember to pack:
-hot chocolate
-snow boots
-snow gloves
-an emergency kit…just in case

Unfortunately, our heavier ornaments wouldn’t hang on the tree due to the lack of strength in our branches and because of the constant battle that we would have with Ross. I really loved this tree….even though it is a bit bare.


Last year, my neighbor friend, Kerry, had the most beautiful tree I have ever seen in person. She used burlap as garland and this red sparkly material. It was so beautiful. I’ve just come to the realization that I will probably never have a breathtaking Christmas tree. Maybe I’m too cheap…maybe I’m too lazy. Probably both.

We ended up already taking down this tree because Ross and I started getting sick. I don’t think it is because of the tree but we felt so bad I was willing to give anything a chance.

Jeff’s work had a customer appreciation thing. It was really fun and we were able to see this awesome parade from the fourth floor instead of the street where there were 1/2 million people. Also, Ross met Santa. This was a disaster. The first picture shows Ross before I stood beside him and Santa, the second picture is an example of what Ross did once he stopped crying and when he was told to say cheese.



Of course I don’t have a picture. And I don’t know why he sometimes does this. I hope it’s not a nervous habit.

Us after the parade.


Merry Christmas.

4 responses to “Johnson tree

  1. I’m so jealous you got to cut your tree down. We’ve gotta get out of the big city:) Ross diggin for gold is awesome!!! Love him! And you look great Lanny!

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