Feerer Family Update

This week we…ImageImageplayed “Where’s Rose?” a whole lot. It was cold and wintery for most of the week, and we were forced to stay inside more than we usually do. I am so glad she is learning to play silly games like this though, it makes days like these really fun.

ImageWe also practiced following simple directions, like smiling on command! She will also stick out her tongue, make a fake coughing sound, clap, and occasionally help me clean up toys when we ask her to. And one time, I handed her a toy phone and said “Oh, it’s for Daddy. Take it to him.”…and she did it!!! I was shocked. I mean, it could have been a total coincidence, but still, it was awesome. Her brain amazes me.

And just in case you were wondering…I did go Christmas shopping this week. I found a pair of jeans for myself, and some leggings for Rose. I guess I’m not as good at shopping for others as I thought I was.


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