Christmas Wishlist: Rose Edition

I’ve mentioned before that I love buying gifts for people, but now that I have a little lady to buy for it’s turning into an obsession. Unfortunately, we’ve already bought most of her Christmas gifts (I’m trying to talk Ryan into getting her one or two more things that she “needs”). Here are some of them…

ImageThese little fruit and vegetable magnets are so cute and I’m pretty sure she’d love them. She could play with them while I cook/clean/relax and she’d even be able to learn about healthy foods. Perfect.

ImageA textured vegetable book (there is a fruit one too!)!Rose only has one touch and feel book, and she LOVES it. Adding another one to her library would be awesome. And again, she’d learn about healthy food.

ImageA wooden camera, just because it’s cute and I am a fan of wooden toys. I think this one would last a while too. She’d mostly chew on it now (or bang it on everything), but later she could pretend to actually use it and then after that it would be cute just sitting on a shelf in her room.

ImageThis crown ear warmer is genius. It’s girly and princess-y, but not in an obnoxious way. I do not like super girly-girl things with sparkles and jewels, but this is one little tiara that I am 100% fine with. It’s functional too! Also, it’s on sale right  now…I think that means we should definitely get it. Right?

ImageIf I’m being honest (and I am), this warm sleep sack would be more for me than for Rose. We have a nightly dilemma of her getting cold because she kicks the blankets off and I go and cover her back up over and over and over. She outgrew her other sleep sack, and it was more of a summer weight anyway, so I’m thinking this would be a smart purchase. I like the company, too. It comes in lots of pretty colors, but I think this one would be great because it’s gender-neutral and if Rose has a brother someday he could use it too.

Isn’t shopping for babies so much fun?!? I could probably make this list at least 5 times longer, but I’m sure you all have some Christmas shopping to get to. Enjoy!


2 responses to “Christmas Wishlist: Rose Edition

  1. Ok, I probably am going go buy these books for Sinclair immediately. They are so cute. Also, I frequent the baby gap and can pick you up that crown so you don’t have to pay shipping?

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