The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

It has been a pretty low key but great week. We got our Christmas tree up and decorated. Sinclair loves to look at all the lights.

baby8We went to this Santa Village thing in Richardson this past weekend. It was way too crowded for our huge Bob stroller, but the lights were really pretty!


baby6Sinclair has been extra cute in the car lately. She actually enjoys being in her car seat as long as she can see herself. Then, she’s always peeking around it to see me when I open the door.


baby11I’m still not quite ready to take Sinclair to the nursery at church, so she sits with us in this satellite room. There are always a few families in there and it’s fun to meet other babies. She was very amazed by the sermon.


Our community group had a lot of fun shopping for our angle tree family. Tyler, Sinclair, and I picked a two year old boy and got him some toys and diapers! We hope these gifts brighten their Christmas!

baby3And last but most definitely not least- our little (big) girl is finally sleeping without a swaddle. I honestly thought she would have to be swaddled until middle school, no lie. But, she busted out and has been doing SO GREAT at sleeping without it.  All glory and credit to God. It’s truly a Christmas miracle.



4 responses to “The Tracy iPhone Diaries.

  1. So many things I love about this post…the Christmas miracle….Tyler standing next to jason castro…your Christmas tree…and Sinclair’s eyes and lips and cheeks.

  2. I’m a really happy about your Christmas miricle. And maybe a little jealous. But still more happy than jealous.

  3. so basically you’re saying she likes being in the car seat and is sleeping better? that’s not a christmas miracle. that’s being at the right hand of god. could you slip me into your next conversation with him?

    also – her lips, cheeks and outfits. that’s all i can say. i love her. and you.

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