Feerer Family Update

This week mostly consisted of me carrying Rose around everywhere I went because she is being even more clingy than usually, and shopping online when she was asleep. I’ve barely started Christmas shopping this year…what is going on???

ImageAlong with being really clingy, Rose has also been on a solid food strike for about a week and a half, so every time I have been able to get something down her throat I’ve taken a picture and sent it to Ryan so we can celebrate my success. Also, that is not the only bib we own, but it is the thickest and most absorbent…so if the meal is messy (or her outfit is cute), that bib is around her neck.

ImageShe’s also been busy playing with her new toys that she got for her birthday. Getting new stuff is so nice. For her and for me.

ImageImageFor some reason, I’ve taken quite a few photos of her sleeping lately. It really is the sweetest thing. Why do babies look so cute when they’re asleep? I’m pretty sure I look worse when I’m sleeping. Actually, I’m sure of it. I’ve seen pictures.

4 responses to “Feerer Family Update

  1. What is Rose eating in that middle picture? And, what kind of bib is that? I hate all bibs that we have. Sinclair just eats them and it annoys me. I usually just take her shirt off, but I can’t really do that when we go to a restaurant. Hahahaha and that’s so true about babies looking way better asleep than adults. She is so cute.

    • Mere…she’s eating toast! I could only get her to eat it if she had the whole piece. I’m not sure what kind of bib it is, but I think it’s from Dillard’s.

  2. She looks so cool sleeping…I think you look cool sleeping too. But not as cool as Rose. Ross got that block thingy for his bday and still loves it. Hopefully it will entertain her for hours!

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